Just for fun — dinosaurs are the American Thanksgiving meal …

No podcast for this — just a quick bit of fun:

  1. Birds are dinosaur descendants, so today on U.S. Thanksgiving you are consuming a derived dinosaur called a turkey.  So, we know that at least some dinosaurs were delicious.
  2. Because birds inherited a relatively inflexible back from their dinosaurian ancestors, bird back meat is usually not very well-developed, so you baby-back bird ribs tend not to be on the menu.
  3. The most delicious part of your turkey tends to be pectoralis muscles which pull down the wings and the supracoracoideus muscle that pulls up the wing — both on the chest.  When you cut into your Thanksgiving bird, you can see the difference in these muscles: the pectoralis is the big one on the outside, and you can see the supracoracoideus as the triangular wedge separated from the large muscle mass inside.
  4. Happy derived dinosaur eating!

P.S. Can you imagine how delicious a giant sauropod feast would be?


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