About Along the Backbone

This blog is a companion to a podcast series, Along the Backbone, by Dr. Matthew Bonnan, that explores the evolution of vertebrate anatomy, from bones to brains, through deep time.  The text of the audio essays will appear here, there will be links to the podcasts, and this blog will provide a forum for comments and discussion.

Dr. Matt Bonnan

Dr. Matthew Bonnan, Ph.D. with Friend

Dr. Matthew Bonnan is a vertebrate paleobiologist and functional morphologist whose research focuses on limb action in dinosaurs, as well as the broader evolutionary question of why dinosaurs became giants.  He is particularly interested in the limb adaptations of sauropod dinosaurs, long-necked herbivores which attained sizes no other  vertebrate animal has ever approached on land.

He currently teaches comparative anatomy and evolutionary biology courses, and oversees undergraduate research on vertebrate anatomy as an associate professor in the Biology Program at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

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